Rebekka Armstrong really Playboy Playmateв„ў, whose declaration at 1994 in which this particular woman ended up to be HIV-delighted displays created global head lines.

Along and Earvin “miracle” Johnson, this girl became one of each better-known complete people faces of heterosexual HIV transmission

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when ever Rebekka wound up to be 18 ages of age, this girl was showcased as Playboy’s miss September 1986. During their afterwards 3 many years, this girl lighter-emitting diode your fun life time while taking a-trip, modelling, in addition representing each small business inside his or her most tasks. Although this girl began inside fatigue next bruise easily, and also inside that chronilogical years out of twenty-2 was indeed diagnosed alongside HIV.

whatever your stereotypical each day life out of Playmates, Rebekka contracted his or her virus at excellent operate concerning unprotected intercourse whenever your babe was indeed in optimum university. in 1994, exclusively once ages regarding hiding people bodily impacts of this virus even though the destructive sentimental happen concerning preserving the lady diagnosis key, Rebekka ready the option in order to “go general public” along with the girl condition.

Refusing to inhabit the shadow out of HIV/ASSISTS, Rebekka keeps specific herself throughout the previous 19 many years within preventing other individuals starting becoming infected. The girl own exposure is actually characterized because “one-to-a-good”, “sincere”, “extraordinary”, “motivating” and “compelling”.

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Rebekka Armstrong

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Junior University of Miami

“the presentation was totally fabulous! Milf dating review that the sorority attended that each team and each individual indicated his or her sincere admiration. you are a determination towards me to we will certainly remain in order to need HIV tested like a lot just as we assuming. Regrettably, I’ve experienced unprotected sex, still after hearing your tale, I does maybe not in next… a person had been all greatest speaker I have ever known!”

Junior Marathon Highschool

“we went to on your ‘lecture’ now to your Florida secrets. we much missed course in order to have! (perhaps not it its outstanding option or even anything, however I really wanted towards go.) people tale was hence inspiring in direction of me really! I’ve being chatting at anyone in order to about annual nowadays in addition was truly thinking about with intercourse in him for that the 1st duration (my own, maybe not his) on afterwards time period we read him. We are living up to five hours away off one another. he’s slept and also many user but, and thanks to on your facts, we believe i am probably in order to hold off as well as your committed conversation among him concerning so it. we can not wish to attain HIV/HELPS or just about any STD. Thank an so a lot to opening the eyes. You are completely your motivation to numerous a woman.”

Mother University from Southern Florida

“people gone towards their lecture in USC Upstate in January among my own girl that ended up to be writing for each make-up over we on lessons papers… people became extremely impressed among your talking capability and also capability to come across up till the pupils. I really experienced for each distinction inside of their attitudes and receptiveness mainly because your night gone pertaining to. Continue upwards that good efforts. we find out you are generating a massive difference inside people’s everyday lives.”

NaShey Ingram CAB Programming Chair, Towson College

“Rebekka’s show had been one particular of per type. It moved some pupils. i’m grateful it she was capable promote her information alongside Towson individuals. their woman show endured away off many many nowadays it it ended up being will certainly truth, it wasn’t through that number one, or even quite tame. It had been provided at on your manner that you experienced love your had respected that woman regularly, including acknowledged whatever she went through. your in fact was in fact the best pleasing working and your woman.”

Stephanie Sirovatka-Marshall Associate Director, Pupil Tasks College to Wisconsin-Parkside

“Bringing Rebekka Armstrong inside of your campus became their four seasons efforts furthermore presentation that was well-worthwhile following! Rebekka shows the lady extraordinary story in your way which each of our students actually connected and also her in some guidelines in on system. their babe attempt completely a powerful speaker that can supply amazing understanding in order to our knowledge furthermore habits surrounding almost all of their issues of HIV furthermore the somebody it consequence. that the people tend to be additionally thanking united states to delivering Rebekka also it babe facts to campus. Kudos, quite, towards Samara Lectures employee which hung inside there and worked and united states indoors bring our superb presentation to campus!”

Emily Kuhl Lectures and Performing Arts, ASUI Vandal Strategies College of Idaho

“it in fact had been your dull, provocative, entertaining technique pertaining to the greatest authentic-lives important matter. That it was in fact so what our college required to ignite conversations, understanding and caring.”

Jillian Altizer Scholar Washingston Declare University

“thanks therefore much for checking out WSU! Ones facts ended up being completely inspiring although posses continuously become ones more recommended blend concerning start, honest including funny. selection to being amazing! ”

Julie Evans Pupil plus Peer Well Being Educator University from Wisconsin-Parkside

“we became unfortunate in order to discover the lady leave! I believed rather special towards come with satisfied that the lady and wound up to be hence handled through her story. we will in fact render utilization of the girl again any occasion.”

Taylor Sandquist Lectures plus Doing Arts Programmer, UPC College out of North Dakota

“Rebekka try really more quite easy to make use of and looked towards need really genuine interest inside to be at UND. This girl lecture wound up being about compelling although entertaining inside of unchanging time. someone asked for on their babe in direction of come-back some sort of following year! I trust the people which went inside has for every plenty much better comprehension of HIV/AIDS plus exactly the way indoors protect on their own upward towards your illness.”

John R. Shafe Director regarding that the Counseling then/otherwise fitness Center associate instructor concerning Fine Arts Franklin university concerning Indiana

“thank-their of coming indoors ones campus additionally sharing the message at our pupils. I found on your talk feel most frank plus truthful. I presume one particular speak appropriate in order to your hearts to students. people especially liked some sort of two video clip clips… it specifications incredible courage and also strength within promote the professional part regarding people lives on great out of other people. Your, no suspect, need spared many lives and helped young someone create well selection on their particular.”

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